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Aircraft Rental & Instruction Prices

Aircraft Rental Cirrus SR-20

$315 / hr


Flight & Ground Instruction

$85 / hr


Discovery Flight in SR-20

$400 / Hobbs hr


Cirrus AATD Simulator

$150 / hr

Flight Account

Flight Account Credit

Add $3000 to your Flight Account receive a $150 Credit to be used on Flight Training, Ground Training, Simulator, and Pilot Shop

Course Cost

*Course Cost

*Cost may vary depending on student diligence and capability. All costs are on a high average.

Private Pilot


65 Flight Hours

Instrument Airplane


85 Flight Hours

Commercial Time Build Split Time


85 Flight Hours

Commercial SEL (Initial)


25 Flight Hours

Certified Flight Instructor (Initial)


12 Flight Hours

Certified Flight Instrument Instructor


8 Flight Hours


Courses offered for those not enrolled in other courses

Cirrus Transition Training in SR-20

VFR $4,500

Cirrus Transition Training in SR-20

Advanced VFR/IFR $6,500

Technically Advanced Airplane


High Performance Endorsement


Additional Courses
Pro Pilot

Professional Pilot

Full Day Instruction & Overnight Rates

Instruction 1- 6 hours in length is billed at the hourly rate. Instruction 6 -10 hours in length is billed at a full day rate. All instructor incidentals while away from home (lodging,

transportation, food, etc.) are covered or billed to the Client.

Full day Instructor Rate - $750


• All prices are a wet rate (includes fuel)

• Credit card payments include a 3.5% Admin Fee

• Fuel reimbursement for X/C fuel up to KSGU retail fuel price

• Prices are subject to change

• Discovery flight limited to one per new customer

• For rental flights scheduled longer than 6 hours, a minimum flight time will be charged half of the scheduled time or the hobbs hour, whichever is greater.

• Rental Flights scheduled overnight must be approved by EFA Administration and are subjected to additional fees

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